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  1. Hi, just finished and reviewed American Dead and have to tell you personally how very impressed I was by it. I felt privileged to read the book. It’s very special indeed. Your writing sings, so original, closely observed and those metaphors! Each a gem. So looking forward to reading your other two books. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.


    • Thank you for the encouraging comment and the lovely review. It can get so terribly lonely singing into the void of the Internet, I’m always glad to know that somebody is listening. I’d be very curious to know what you think of the other two books, should you ever get to reading them. Novel number four is lurching itself into being as we speak!

      • Yes, I’ll certainly be reading the other two books over the next ten days or so, there is an originality about your writing I find refreshing, and inspiring, a poetic undertow which sweeps one along. You write beautifully and with so much maturity and profound insight into the human condition. Have you been writing long?

  2. Hi, Got an email notice on 29 May that you had replied to my comment, but can’t see anything here from you. Meanwhile, I’m half way through The Cannibal’s Prayer. Am very impressed indeed and will come back on it shortly.

    • Hm. Odd. In reply to your last comment, I’ve been writing for about ten years, I guess. Wrote about half a dozen novels that I didn’t feel made the grade before American Dead. Hope you’re enjoying Cannibal’s Prayer. It was a bitch to write, I can tell you that.

  3. Hi, have finished Cannibal’s Prayer and just posted a review to Smashwords. The book is brilliant, no other word for it. You’ve certainly made the grade, proved that with American Dead. How the next book coming along? I’ll be starting your Beautiful Machine soon.

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