Return to Century Twenty-One

Ah, at last, I’m connected again! It’s been a long awkward year of stolen wi-fi, public library computers, smart-phone hotspots and lugging my computer across town. And now it finally comes to a close: I have my own internet connection again.

Like I child after candied treats do I now go, flitting and darting crazed from one corner of the web to the other, babbling wordless in my ecstasy.

Once the sugar-high wears off, however, I do hope that I’ll be able to get a lot more work done now, and hopefully keep this blog updated far more regularly. False hope? Perhaps. We will see, I suppose.

As for writing, well… I’m still chugging away. The next novel is proving itself to be quite the monster. Goodness only knows how I’ll manage to reel this one in. My oft-promised short story collection has been delayed, since I decided to split it into two volumes. I had two covers and two titles, and the stories didn’t seem to hold their shape all crammed together like that, so chop! Two it is. Expect the first of them soon, I hope.

Okay, we all up to date? Yes? Good. Off you go now. Shoo shoo.


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