Kim Kardashian and the Future of Art

Here is the question: is Kim Kardashian an artist? Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly. Okay, first, we’d best fashion a rough definition of art. How about this one:

Art: a manipulation of reality crafted with the intent of provoking an emotion.

Sound okay? I think so too. It’s a pretty broad definition, but then again art is a pretty broad concept. Okay, so, I think we can all agree that Kim Kardashian’s life is a weird facsimile, artificially constructed in order to further an engaging narrative, presented not only through the medium of her television shows, but also through the tabloid media. That would make her life a kind of performance art. Which would make her one of the most widely experienced artists of the twenty-first century.

Art in the making?

Art in the making?

And then I was gonna write a whole bit about the sex tape and the wedding scandal and the nature of artifice as birthed by the age of the Internet, that priceless tool never better leveraged than by KK herself.

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough times before, I’m not of the belief that ART=Quality. Art can be as shitty and miserable as anything. I guess the only question is exactly how much of her image is thoughtful manipulation. That, I will leave for you to decide.


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