Hey there. Long time no see. Shit man, lot goin’ on in my life these days, been a bit busy. But I haven’t forgotten you, oh no. Running through my mind at all hours are potential ideas for blog posts and micro-fictions and musings and whatnot. Sadly, these ideas and musings and whatnot haven’t really found their way onto the page/screen.

What exactly have I been up to? How kind of you to ask. Well, I’ve been real busy editing the novel I teased here a while back: The Cannibal’s Prayer. It’s coming along nicely, if slowly. Hopefully have it out for all y’all before too long. Also I’m working on a book of short stories, some of which have appeared right here, others which have not. Also I’m developing ideas and reworking early draft material for my next novel, which will hopefully be underway in earnest soonish. On top of that, I’m working on developing the concept and writing the script for a graphic novel with an artist friend of mine (more on that in a few weeks, I hope!) which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and has got me oh so excited.

So… not a lot of writing time left over for my little ol’ blog here. Sad face, make a sad face.

I wouldn’t want to deprive you gentle people (person? does anybody actually read this shit?) of your monthly dose of me. So, as a compromise, I’ll do what I can to compress my better ideas for blog posts into a set of easily ingested micro-blogs. These highly concentrated bloglettes provide just as much mental nutrition as a full size blog at a fraction of the cost! Call now, and order yours today! Snack your way through the whole bag all at once or take ’em one at a time to prolong your survival in the drought season! Wasn’t there a fable about that? Grasshopper and mouse, I think? Fuck it, who cares, I’m way off topic here.

Here’s a fragment of a thought about Kim Kardashian and what it means, exactly, to be an artist. Does she qualify? Don’t look for answers here! Nothing here but half-formed opinion and conjecture!

Here’s a review of Stephen King’s 11/22/63, it’s a bit too short. As opposed to the book, which is far too long.

And, finally, here’s a bit of a short story which is actually a fragment of a novel that I’m probably never going to return to. I guess it pretty much stands on its own. Worth reading? Probably not.


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