The Dead

Always talking to myself

Fuck you, and fuck everything that you believe in.

You have never been more wrong than you are today, right now, in this moment. The nasty fact of the matter is, you will probably never be right.

You are all flies eating at the corpse of a corporate god.

Art is not a dirty word

Any prick can work. Art is the only thing in this world that makes life worth living, make it more meaningful than spending it fucking out children in a sad attempt at self-replication. I don’t care if you think we were created apart from animals, or if we have merely evolved beyond them, the fact still remains that our devotion to Art is the only thing which makes us special. Art in any form is the only true mode of transcendence we have, our only ascension to godhood. To lose that is to doom ourselves to meaninglessness.

You can call me an elitist if you want to, you ignorant fuck, but I’m right and you’re wallowing in a pit of your own miserable stupidity, for no better reason than that you can’t be bothered to drag yourself out of it. I’m not special, I’m not fundamentally better than you, I’m just willing to make an effort. I have pried open my mind. You are walling yours in, brick after heavy brick.

And that’s a fucking tragedy.


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